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99% Team Captain

Recruit your friends to fight for the 99% and get some awesome gear!

Our country is at a crossroads. For years corporations and the 1% have been working to chip away at our rights and take more of our stuff. They've been trying to convince us that there's just not enough money in this system for the things we need. At the same time these corporations and the super wealthy have been scamming the system to get away with not paying their fair share of taxes, resulting in record profits in the billions of dollars for them while our buses get cut, our kids' schools get shut down, and we are asked to sacrifice and to work more and more for less and less.

All across the country people are saying enough is enough! People will be forming 99% clubs in their neighborhoods in California, Michigan, Florida, New York, Ohio, lots of places in between and of course here in Pennsylvania! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be a 99% Team Captain.

Team Captain Duties

  • Build a Team (network) of neighbors, friends, and family
  • Register Team Members to vote
  • Get the word out to my team about news affecting the 99%
  • Invite my team to actions and opportunities to stand with the 99%

Yes! Sign Me Up! I want to be a 99% Team Captain 


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